Organisational Abuse

Possible Signs and Indicators of Organisational Abuse

Any of the following signs can be indicators of organisational abuse.  If you are concerned about a service you can talk to someone to express your concerns: Report Abuse

  • Run-down or poor facilities, including the standard of heating and ventilation
  • Over crowded facilities
  • Abusive and disrespectful attitudes towards people using services
  • Lack of respect for dignity and privacy
  • Not providing adequate food or drink or assistance with eating
  • No flexibility or lack of choice in relation to daily routines and diet
  • Not promoting independence
  • Misuse of medication
  • Tasks not being completed on time or correctly due to staffing pressures
  • Poor moving and handling practices
  • Lack of care plans
  • Poor record-keeping and lack of procedures
  • High staff turnover resulting in poor quality care
  • Failure to provide care with dentures, glasses and hearing aids
  • Discouraging/refusing visits or involvement of relatives, friends or carers
  • Lack of personal items, clothing or possessions
  • Few social, recreational and educational activities.

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