Report Abuse

What is Abuse?

Abuse may take the form of a single or series of acts, large or small, whose impact ‘adversely affects’ the individual. Sometimes these abusive acts maybe deliberate on the part of the perpetrator, but they can also be unintentional.

An adult may experience several types of abuse at the same time, and although the different forms of abuse are presented below individually, there is often a lot of overlap between them. It is also important that people should not restrict their view of what abuse and neglect can actually mean. The following definitions are a ‘guide’ to what this can entail, with exploitation being a common theme:

SCIE: At a glance adult safeguarding – types and indicators of abuse

How to Report Abuse and Neglect

You can report very serious abuse and neglect to Cleveland Police by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency

You can report suspected abuse and neglect using a Concern Form (December 2021)

If you would like some help on how to complete a Concern Form, please see our EXAMPLE Concern Forms 

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys (TEWV) NHS Foundation Trust staff should use this format of the Concern Form – TEWV Version (December 2021)

Alternatively If you are worried or want to talk to someone, contact your local Social Care Service.


01429 523 390
[email protected]


01642 065 070
[email protected]

Redcar & Cleveland

01642 771 500
[email protected]


01642 527 764
[email protected]

Evenings and Weekends

01642 524 552

Consider risks to others – ‘Think Family’

Consideration must also be given as to whether anyone else is at risk as a result of an adult’s mental capacity. This may include children or other adults with care and support needs. Whilst actions may be limited in relation to the individual themselves, there may be a duty to take action to safeguard others. Should there be a concern that a parent may be neglecting children in their care, concerns must be reported to Children’s’ Social Care: Safeguarding Children Partnerships

Also See: Think Family Guidance Local Policies, Strategies and Procedures

If you need any further information or advice you can also contact:
Business Unit Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board: 01642 527263 [email protected]

Do not report abuse or neglect to the Business Unit