Concern Form

This is the form professionals and practitioners across Tees should use to report a safeguarding matter to the relevant or ‘host’ Local Authority.

Concern Form (September 2018)

This should be used in conjunction with the guidance outlined in the Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Inter-Agency Policy and Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Inter-Agency Procedure

It may also be relevant for some organisations to refer to the safeguarding adults Decision Support Guidance

This guidance has been developed to assist practitioners in assessing the seriousness and level of risk associated with a safeguarding adults concern. It is primarily for use by Safeguarding Adults Managers, in the Local Authority, to assist with their decision-making at the point of receiving a safeguarding adults concern; however others may find it helpful to refer to this tool when responding to a concern of abuse or neglect. The tool is not intended to replace professional judgement and when care providers are using this tool, it is important to note that all safeguarding concerns must be notified to the Local Authority.

A number of reasons are provided to support the need for a decision support guidance. These include:

  • A benchmark to assess the level of vulnerability of an individual
  • A measure of consistency
  • Managing the demands of low level and more serious concerns.

If you are in any doubt whether a concern constitutes a safeguarding matter, then you should contact the Local Authority in your area.