Hate and Mate Crime

Hate Crime

Crimes committed against someone because of their disability, gender-identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation are hate crimes and should be reported to the police.

Hate crimes can include:

  • threatening behaviour
  • assault
  • robbery
  • damage to property
  • inciting others to commit hate crimes
  • harassment.

Report Hate Crime on-line



Call 999 if you’re reporting a crime that’s in progress or if someone is in immediate danger. If the crime isn’t an emergency, call 101.

Mate Crime 

Mate crimes happen when people with learning disabilities are befriended by someone who uses the relationship to exploit or abuse them.

For example, they might take over a person’s flat and treat it as their flat, or they might ‘borrow’ money or things which they never give back.


General Safety Tips Here are some tips to follow if you are out and about:

  • Stay alert – awareness is your best defence
  • Leave venues with friends wherever possible
  • Try to stay in well-lit areas
  • Be confident – even if you don’t feel it
  • Travel as if you know where you are going
  • Take the most direct route and try to stay within areas where other people are around
  • Trust your instincts – if you think something is wrong then act on it
  • Have your keys available when you reach your home or car
  • Keep money for taxis – the expense is worth it
  • Carry a personal alarm and use it when necessary


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