An Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice. The philosophy, the brain and you. – Thursday 23 November 2023

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A 1.5 hour Microsoft Teams Webinar facilitated by Amanda Chalmers, Project Lead



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The aim of the session is to provide an overview of:

  • Trauma and complex trauma
  • Trauma informed principles and the 4 R’s
  • The brain and trauma
  • Adverse childhood experiences and the attachment theory
  • Our response to threat
  • Vicarious trauma and self-compassion
About the Facilitator: 

I’m Amanda Chalmers and I’m currently working on a Changing Futures project to implement trauma informed practice into adult services in South Tees.

Previously I have worked in local prisons and custody settings, supporting people who have multiple disadvantages and have ended up in the criminal justice system due to the lifestyles they lead, which are normally as a result of what has happened to them e.g trauma.

I have many ‘tools’ to use to help those who hold trauma such as: auricular acupuncture, integral eye movement therapy, Oldpain2GO and Havening to name a few. As I have a background in psychology, I love to talk about trauma and the brain to help people understand their own behaviours and alleviate guilt and shame.

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