Adult Sexual & Criminal Exploitation Webinar

Facilitated by Talking Life


The webinar will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. Before applying for a place please ensure that you have the ability to access Teams from a desktop or mobile device.


This course will focus on the following elements:-

  • What does adult safeguarding entail?
  • What is MSP?
  • ASE – What does the law say in relation to sexual offences exercise? What is sexual? What is consent? How do we prove ‘criminal intent’? Introduction to sexual offences act 2003 Mental Capacity Act and Consent
  • ACE – What crimes can be committed on, and/or get vulnerable adults to commit? Why would a criminal use a vulnerable adult? What do these terms mean, Catfished? Cuckooed? Gaslighted? Survival sex?
  • Offending behaviour explored and explained.
  • Risk assessment for both ACE and ASE
  • Agency practice and responsibilities
  • Questioning techniques for vulnerable adults

Learning Outcomes:

  • Delegates will understand what Adult Sexual and Adult Criminal Exploitation is
  • Delegates will understand what sexual offences are and how they are committed on the VA
  • Delegates will understand the range of crimes VA are forced to carry out during exploitation
  • Delegates will have a basic understanding of offending behaviour and how they groom the VA into criminal and sexual activities
  • Delegates will understand the crimes committed against the VA
  • Delegates will understand the multi-agency roles within ASE and ACE
  • Delegates will know how to question VA

Who Should Apply:

The course is aimed at adult social care staff and multi agency workers

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