A Spotlight on Modern Slavery and Sexual Exploitation – Campaign Resources

In the run up to Anti-Slavery Day on Wednesday 18 October 2023, the Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board (TSAB), Cleveland Anti-Slavery Network and partners from both public and voluntary service organisations will come together to share keys messages and resources during our week-long campaign.

Modern Slavery encompasses human trafficking, forced labour, domestic servitude and can have links to Sexual Exploitation. Traffickers and slave masters use whatever means they have at their disposal to force individuals into a life of abuse and inhumane treatment. Modern Slavery is a largely covert crime and victims tend to be controlled and hidden away. It can happen to anyone at any age.

The campaign will take place from Monday 2nd  October – Friday 6th October 2023, with each day having it’s own theme.

On Wednesday 4th October 2023 TSAB are hosting ‘A Spotlight on Modern Slavery and Sexual Exploitation’ Conference. Click here for further information and to book your space.

Below you can find some useful resources and training opportunities under each theme to help raise awareness of Modern Slavery and Sexual Exploitation. You can also follow these links to find out more about Modern Slavery and Sexual Exploitation.

Displaying posters in public facing venues is a great way to raise awareness. Below is a list of posters that can be printed and displayed during the week and on the run up to Anti-Slavery Day (18th October). There are also other resources available throughout this webpage and online that you may also decide to use.

Unseen Helpline Poster (top 5 languages)

Hope for Justice Spot the sign’s poster – also available in other languages

STOP THE TRAFFIK Spot the signs posters & leaflets

Safeguarding Adults Poster (TSAB) – General Public 

Rosie Plummer from The Children’s Society was unable to make the conference, so she has created a video about The Prevention Programme and the work of The Children’s Society in the Cleveland Area in relation to child exploitation and abuse. You can watch the video here – https://vimeo.com/866385450/7c52f6e2ec?share=copy

Most questions were answered during the conference. Please find some written responses below:

Salvation Army:

Q: What happens once they are on the NRM? You mentioned they could be on it for a few years, so during this time what is involved?
A: There are 3 types of support:  
1. Living in a safehouse: full support in a safehouse , clients have an assigned specialist support worker who supports them in accommodation with person supported support for all their support needs , external services support with health both physical and mental support and all other ECAT (European Convention on Action against Trafficking) entitlements. The service will support until conclusive ground decision is obtained then support into sustainable independent living in the community.  
2. Outreach: same as above but support in the community in own accommodation.  
3. Reach in: a light touch support for individual who received CGD (Conclusive Grounds Decision) but are still within the NRM , This offers support when required to ensure established clients do not fall back into being trafficked. Other support given to promote and maintain independent living.  

Q: If a child has an active NRM what advantages are there to giving consent to remain in the process post 18?  
A: This is to ensure the child continues to be protected under the NRM and continues to be supported within the NRM mechanism.   How do we refer to the NRM please?   You can ring crime stoppers : 0800 555 111 0800 808 3733 [email protected] /mailto:[email protected]  

Q: What support is given to those with additional needs or addiction issues. At present it is very difficult to prove that those with addiction issues have been exploited due to prejudice from the general public and services?
A: Many of our victims were introduced to addictions through there traffickers. We as the Salvation Army have our own harm reduction team which support our clients in house but we use NHS addiction services to support all clients within the NRM with addiction support.  

Q: How many safe houses are there in the North East?  
A: Due to the nature of our work we cannot give specific numbers but the home office ensure there is adequate safehouse accommodation in the North East, from both TSA DD and other subcontractors within the wider MSVCC (Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract).

 Sarah Pritchard – Barnardo’s:
Q: In your work across the LA’s in Teesside, do you see SW YOT’s, schools etc working differently with those YP’s who are believed to be exploited or have a NRM?”
A: In the short – yes.  But a big yes!  Services respond hugely differently to our children, some of the reasons can be:
Practitioner knowledge and experience in working with extra familial harm
How trauma informed the organisation are
Organisation capacity and case loads
Relationship with the YP
Whether an NRM has even been put in!
The list is long and it is a big conversation to have, but there is not a consistent response at all across Tees.

What is Modern Slavery? – TSAB video.

Indicator card – Indicator cards created by Unseen that includes the signs to look out for and the Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline number.

Pocket-sized helpline cards – A resource from Unseen that is available in 19 languages. The cards include examples of abuse and exploitation as well as how to report to the Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline.

Can you spot the signs of Modern Slavery? – A YouTube Video created by Unseen

Spot the Signs poster – Produced by Stop CE

The Children’s Society have produced Child Exploitation posters and a Grooming explainer as part of their #LookCloser Campaign.

Protecting Adults from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation leaflet – A leaflet produced by TSAB that includes signs of Sexual Exploitation and how to report abuse. Also available in Vietnamese.

Molly Safeguarding Adult Review – TSAB Safeguarding Adult Review, Learning Briefing and Recorded Powerpoint that includes concerns relating to sexual exploitation from multiple perpetrators.

Sexual Exploitation Poster – Produced by Stop the Traffik, this poster includes signs of Sexual Exploitation, how to report concerns and is available in 13 languages.

Child Sexual Exploitation Poster – A poster produced by Hartlepool & Stockton-on-Tees Safeguarding Children Partnership and South Tees Safeguarding Partnership

Child Sexual Exploitation: Learning from Case Reviews – Published in 2023 by NSPCC

Real life stories

Criminal Exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: County Lines Guidance – Guidance produced by the Home Office, aimed at front-line professionals.

Tricky Friends video – A TSAB video to help people to understand what good friendships are, when they might be harmful, and how to seek help and support.

TSAB County Lines Briefing – Produced by TSAB, this briefing includes grooming, cuckooing, spotting the signs of County Lines, criminal exploitation and links to further resources.

County Lines Awareness Video – Youtube Video produced by National County Lines Coordination Centre

Paweł’s Story – A forced labour case study provided by Hope for Justice.

Forced Labour poster – Produced by Stop the Traffik, this poster includes signs of forced labour, how to report concerns and is available in 6 languages.

Spotting the signs of Labour Exploitation Leaflet – A resource from Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) that includes how to spot the signs of Modern Slavery and Labour Exploitation and how to report concerns.

Know your rights poster – Produced by GLAA, this poster is available in 22 languages and 15 sectors and includes an individuals rights as a worker in the UK and how to report concerns.

Workers checklist poster – The GLAA have produced a checklist of rights as a worker in the UK. The poster is also available in Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian.

Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority – Website

Every Child Protected Against Trafficking (ECPACT) – How are children exploited in the UK?

Buddy’s Story – A case study produced by Hope for Justice.

Unseen App – A smartphone App produced by Unseen, that can help individuals spot the sign’s Modern Slavery and report concerns.

National Referral Mechanism (NRM) – Government guidance on the NRM, a framework to be completed by ‘first responder organisations’ for potential victims (both adults and children) of modern slavery.

A simple guide to the NRM – A guide for frontline professionals produced by Unseen.

Below you will find further resources, including training and how to report concerns.

Click here to find support in your area.

Hope for Justice Briefing Document June 2023

How to prevent modern slavery report – A report by Unseen

Council guide to tackling modern slavery and maturity matrix

Exploitation – The Changing Landscape of Exploitation Powerpoint Presentation  

Anti-slavery commissioner resources

Domestic Servitude poster – Produced by Stop the Traffik

Key Websites:

Hope for Justice – https://hopeforjustice.org/

Unseen – https://www.unseenuk.org/

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) – https://www.gla.gov.uk/

Stop the Traffik – https://www.stopthetraffik.org/

Human Trafficking Foundation – https://www.humantraffickingfoundation.org/

Government – https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/modern-slavery

Child Exploitation Disruption Toolkit – Produced by The Home Office, this document is aimed at front-line professionals working with children under the age of 18 to safeguard them from sexual and criminal exploitation.

Exploitation Online – Produced by The Children’s Society, this booklet helps you spot the signs of Criminal Exploitation Online.

Appropriate Language: Child Exploitation – Guidance around appropriate language to use when speaking to children around their experiences of exploitation.

Key Websites:

The Children’s Society – https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/

NSPCC – https://www.nspcc.org.uk/

Barnardo’s – https://www.barnardos.org.uk/

‘Teeswide Safeguarding All’ e-learning  

  • Adult Sexual Exploitation
  • Criminal Exploitation and County Lines
  • Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

The National Referral Mechanism: Webinar for First Responders Delivered by The Human Trafficking Foundation

  • Thu, 19 Oct 2023 10:00 – 12:00 
  • For First Responders only

Modern Day Slavery Webinar – 7th November 2023

‘Teeswide Safeguarding All’ e-learning  

  • Child Sexual Exploitation – Level 1
  • Sexual Abuse and Recognising Grooming – Children

South Tees Safeguarding Children Partnership Training

  • Child Criminal Exploitation Awareness Training – 18th October 2023, 23rd November 2023, 16th January 2024, 28th February 2024, 21st March 2024.
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Training – 2nd October 2023, 9th February 2024

The Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship service (ICTG) awareness sessions

(Various dates – follow the above link for more information)

  • Role of ICTG Service
  • Overview of NRM
  • Safety Planning and Disruption
  • Modern Slavery Act including section 45

  • Dial 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger
  • Call The Modern Slavery and Exploitation 24/7 helpline on 0800 0121 700 and talk through your concerns (available in 200 languages) or file a report online
  • Download the Unseen app and report your concerns
  • Contact the Salvation Army 24/7 referral helpline on 0800 808 3733.
  • Report anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800555111 or online
  • Call the police on 101 or 999 in an emergency
  • Inform your local children’s social care team
AreaOffice hoursOut of hoursEmail
Middlesbrough01642 72600401642 524 552[email protected]
Redcar and Cleveland01642 13070001642 524 552[email protected]
Hartlepool01429 28428401642 524 552[email protected]
Stockton on Tees01429 28428401642 524 552[email protected]
For more information visit South Tees or Harltepool and Stockton-on-Tees Safeguarding Children Partnership
  • Call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 for advice